Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Models Own Fruit Pastel Scented Collection

Fragrance Fashion

Recently I won one of the Models Own famous competitions on Instagram and was lucky to enough to win the whole Fruit Pastel Collection!
I can honestly say that this collection does not disappoint, for someone who love pastel colours there is a colour for every occasion!

Obviously the delicious smells are benefit and they really do last - I used the white 'Coconut Cream' and 4 days later they were chip-free and still smelling fantastic! 
I wish I could choose a favourite to recommend and maybe save you a few pennies rather than having to buy the whole collection but sadly all 6 are winners in my eyes - this is the must-have collection of summer!

~ Erica xox

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  1. What a lovely colors. Love your ideas and I will keep up with you.
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