Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why We Love Being Nude

Nude Nails are still New

After painting my nails with my favourite nude shade 'Naked Glow' by  Models Own for about the 100th time, I wondered what was so special about nude nails and why it's still so popular.
1. They're simple yet effective. I like to think of them a 'girl on the go' nails, for those who always want to look like you take care of yourself without anyone thinking you might take too much care of yourself - no one can call you high maintenance wearing a nude shade.
2. The possibilities are endless! Have seen you the pictures of nude nails on Pinterest lately? If not click here now! Whether you're daring the accent nail, or going simple with a small motif, or jazzing it up with some diamantes, there is literally no design that couldn't work on a nude base! 
3. They're sexy (in a way). Now I'm sure you've found that men don't tend to comment on nail polish very often, but they do notice it especially if you're like me and always changing up the colours and design! There is something about the nude shades that are strikingly effortlessly (see number 1) sexy! Why else do you think nude heels and stilettos are soo popular especially around spring? 
4. They're fresh. And no I'm not talking about the kind of 'fresh' that Will.I.Am likes to call things. I'm speaking about how clean they look! They don't dirty like white polishes can do but these nudes can just look immaculate and tidy when done right. When I've painted mine in such a shade, I never get bored of them, unlike when you get crazy designs and after a few days the novelty has worn off.

So that's my list and reasons for why I love nude polishes. I also think they're perfect for this time of year when the sun is trying it's hardest to push through the doom and gloom!
Let me know why you love a good nude and what your favourite polish is!
-Erica xox

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  1. What a gorgeous colour, I am loving nude lipstick and nails this season x