Friday, 7 February 2014

Models Own Pink Veneer HyperGel

Today I'm feeling a little bit girly

So I recently purchased a few of the Models Own HyperGel polishes so you'll see them featured in the next couple of posts!
After all this dark rainy weather I really wanted a little bit of girl power so thought I'd paint my nails with the 'Pink Veneer' HyperGel.



The biggest surprise was how bright the colours were! In the swatches Models Own released they looked like pastel shades but when you put them on they're really bright which is nice for a change (I'm also super pale which probably makes them feel brighter)


Featured here is also 'Cornflower Gleam' which I used as an accent nail using the striping technique.
I really liked these polishes, I think as they come out quite thick (in order to create the gel effect) it is very difficult to keep them with a flawless finish.
However I didn't even need a top coat and they were super shiny! Though I'd recommend a top coat for longer wear.
Until next time!
-Erica xox

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