Saturday, 7 December 2013

Most Expensive Nail Varnishes

How much is too much?

After my last post being about MIC star it got me thinking about the high life and some of the most extravagant nail varnishes out there. Here are some of the best (and most expensive) polishes I found:
5. 'I Do' by Ellie Cosmetics
This nail polish is worth $55,000 made with powdered platinum and was launched with a bottle made out of real platinum. For this varnish with a normal bottle you'd be paying $250 - bargain right?
4.  'An Evening to Remember' by Red Carpet Manicure
This gel polish will cost you $1000 and has real black diamond particles in it - you  better hope you get some compliments on it! As it is a gel varnish you should get more wear out of it though making it slightly better value than some of the others on the market.
3. The 'Iced Manicure'
Yep that's right the $51,000 French manicure featuring 10 carats worth of diamonds. But you can't say this doesn't look cute can you? I would seriously enter princess-mode if I ever had the luxury of this treatment!
2. 'Gold Rush' by Models Own
Right, now even though this polish does cost $130,000 that is mainly just for the bottle which features a gold lid with 1,118 diamonds. Even though this is obviously expensive at least you can keep the bottle forever and not want to cry anytime your manicure starts to chip! You can get the normal polish at the usual Models Own £5 here
And we have a winner!
1. 'Black Diamond' by Azature
This is the most expensive nail varnish in the world at a massive $250,000 yep that's a quarter of a million dollars. The polish is infused with a total worth of 267 carats of diamonds - bound to make your fingertips sparkle! Kelly Osbourne made this polish famous last year in 2012 when she flaunted it at the Emmy Awards and was recently spotted wearing $1million worth of crushed diamonds on her fingers when she visited the Black Diamond Affair hosted by Azature
Luckily, similar to Models Own a budget version has also been released which can be found in Selfridges here for £17.00
So do we think there's a limit on price for nail varnish? Have these brands gone too far?
Tell me what you think and whether you'd ever consider getting such a pricey manicure!

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