Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Additions

Look who's here!

So since the last post I received some very exciting mail!
models own
That's right, I thought I'd treat myself to some new polishes, so here's what arrived...
In the top right corner you can see the Models Own 'Express Dry' which I thought would come in handy on those days where I need a quick mani before rushing off to lectures! In the picture is also my new Nail Art Pen in 'Pastel Lilac' which I will hopefully post a tutorial on at a later date.
models own christmas
So here are the colours, pretty right?! Can you tell I'm excited yet?
On the fair left there is 'Blizzard' (yes you'll notice a Christmas theme with my choices), next along is 'Southern Lights', followed by 'Purple Ash', then you can see 'Northern Lights' and finally 'Snowflakes'
Models Own Swatches
The reason I didn't choose the whole Christmas Collection that Models Own retails is because I just fell in love with the 'Purple Ash' colour as I think it's bang on trend for this time of year (middle finger), also it only needs one coat for an opaque finish. You can see 'Blizzard' on the thumb, this will be great for all those Christmas parties, so many glitter pieces come out your fingers will look like Disco Balls! Keep in mind this varnish will go EVERYWHERE when you take it off!
'Southern Lights' (index finger) is super cool and has a kind of holographic effect, I'd love to wear this all the time but I have a feeling it might distract me in my lectures too much! Here I'm wearing it on a bare nail as its sister polish 'Northern Lights' its pictured on top of a 'Purple Ash' base.
I do like 'Northern Lights' though I have actually seen the Northern Lights and I thought they were green? Anyway, I love how fine the glitter is as it gives a really full coverage look.
Finally 'Snowflakes' is pictured on the little finger and I have a major feeling this will be my fave polish this winter! It's sooo cute and really does give a Christmassy vibe. It gives a similar finish to 'Mermaid Tears' (mentioned in a previous post), but unlike 'Mermaid Tears' this Top Coat applies so easily without having to move and place the particles yourself.
I'm over the moon with every single one of these polishes so I'll definitely be smiling for a while!

- Erica xox

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