Friday, 15 November 2013

Nails Of The Week


What I'm Wearing Today

This week I am wearing Models Own 'Mermaid Tears' topped with Nails Inc. 'Mayfair' finished off with the trusty Models Own '5-in-1' Top Coat.
Mayfair Nails Inc Mermaid Tears Models Own
Left to right: Nails Inc, 'Mayfair'. Models Own 'Mermaid Tears'. Models Own '5-in-' top coat.
 I can never decide whether I like the name 'Mermaid Tears' rather than the actual product, I do love the shimmery effect you get with it, but I always find it really difficult to apply as the larger particles always get pushed to the top of the nail. HINT: If applying this polish keep a toothpick near by so you can adjust the position of the shimmery bits!
I've also found that the foil shimmer can sometimes stick up from the nail or set over the cuticle which can be annoying but that is where the top coat comes in! Wait for the nails to dry completely and then apply the top coat which should hopefully seal down anything that could irritate you.

Mermaid Tears Models Own
 As you can see, the 'Mermaid Tears' really does catch the light and create an iridescent effect (cute!), this polish also looks super nice over a dark colour, but I like the nude/neutral shade for every-day-to-day wear.

Overall, I really do love the end result of these polishes. The 'Mayfair' from Nails Inc. is nice and understated on it's own but the Models Own 'Mermaid Tears' gives the whole nail a pink hue topped with random shiny foils that come alive when they catch the light. I've found both nail varnishes quite hard-wearing, lasting a good few days before any sign of chipping and of course topped off with the 5-in-1 top coat - this design is foolproof!

- Erica xox

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